RU-250 Total RNA extraction kit cells, swabs, viruses

RU-250 Total RNA extraction kit cells, swabs, viruses

Ambion Viral RNA extraction Kits have been optimized for use with biological fluids and cell-free samples such as serum, plasma, swabs, and cell culture media. Isolating RNA from cell-free samples presents some unique challenges compared to isolating RNA from cultured cells or tissues.

These include low viral titers, large volumes to process, and sample complexity. Furthermore, the procedure must be compatible with real-time qRT-PCR.  Viral RNA extraction Kits address all of these problems, without the need for organic solvents or RNA precipitation, eliminating the problems often encountered with filter-based RNA extraction methods, such as clogs, large elution volumes and inconsistent yields.

  • More effective recovery of viral RNA and DNA from various types of samples
  • Improved qRT-PCR results
  • Ideal when working with low viral concentrations
  • Improved performance and reproducibility

Viral RNA extraction Kit

The enhanced version of the Viral RNA extraction Kit provides better lysis of viral particles and more effective recovery of both viral RNA and DNA from a variety of cell-free biological samples, including plasma, sera, and swabs. The results of these changes are better yields and reproducibility.

The Viral RNA extraction Kit can efficiently isolate viral RNA and DNA from samples up to 400 µl. RNA and DNA recovery is typically greater than 75% but can vary depending on the type of sample. The RNA recovered with the kit is of high quality and purity and is suitable for real-time RT-PCR.

Accessory Products

Lysis / Binding Solution Concentrate, Wash Solution 1 Concentrate, Wash Solution 2 concentrate, and Carrier RNA are components of Viral RNA extraction Kits that can also be purchased separately. Additional Processing Plates and Lids – We recommend 96-well plates and lids from Phenix Research Products (# MPU-8117, # MPE-8019).

Benefits of magnetic bead-based insulation

Magnetic beads offer many benefits for isolating cell RNA and viral RNA from cell-free samples. Ambion’s technology binds RNA more efficiently than fibreglass filter methods, resulting in higher RNA yields. RNA yields are more consistent, both from experiment to experiment and over a wide range of sample sizes. Magnetic bead technology eliminates filter clogging due to cellular particles in samples. Since only a small volume of magnetic beads is required for high-efficiency binding, bound RNA can be eluted in as little as 20–50 µl of nuclease-free water. This makes magnetic bead technology extremely useful for concentrating RNA from large, dilute samples.


Type of end product: Viral DNA⁄RNA

For use with (application)

Quantitative Real-Time PCR (qPCR), Reverse Transcriptase PCR (RT-PCR), Northern Blot

High-performance compatibility

Not compatible with high performance (manual)

No. of reactions: fifty

Product line: MagMAX ™

Scale: Mini

Starting material quantity: Up to 400 µl of sample

Target: Viral DNA⁄RNA

Produce: 10 ng

Format: Tube

Insulation technology: Magnetic bead

Purification time: 45 minutes

Example type

Cell-free liquids, liquid samples (eg, serum), plasma, serum, viral samples

Content and storage

The run plate and lid, the binding solution concentrate, the wash solution concentrate 1, the wash solution concentrate 2, and the elution buffer are stored at room temperature. RNA Binding Beads are stored at 4 ° C and the Lysis ⁄Binding Enhancer is stored at –20 ° C


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